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Good Afternoon Flyers,

My mother had asked me to try and reach as many model aviation professionals as possible.
Recently we lost my Father (Aviation Passion & Model Building) and have been left with a FULL 2 Car Garage supply of partial airplane builds, full un-built kits, parts, radios, engines, cases, balsam wood, plans & drafts, and much much much much much much more.  We are looking for those who will truly appreciate the supplies, kits and building materials. May I ask if its OK for your members to know about the sale coming up?
We will be onsite with assistance to answer as many questions and help find parts any flyer may be looking for.

All model aviation supplies are being sold :

Date: JULY 21, 2018 - SATURDAY
Time: 9:30AM till 3:00PM
Location: 842 E. Lilly Lane, Palatine, Illinois 60074 (Rand Rd & Dundee Rd)
Phone: (312) 307-9480 ask for Marz or Lisa

*** Or if any members would like to make an appointment ahead of time to purchase items before the rush, please do not hesitate to contact me, Lisa.

Thank You,
Lisa Barwacz